Vietnam (VN)

Field of application notified

​Istanbul Convention Annexes A, B1.

Territorial coverage


Other applications

ATA Carnets are NOT accepted for postal traffic.

ATA Carnets are NOT accepted for transit.
ATA Carnets are accepted for hand-carried goods and goods transported as cargos. ATA Carnets may be handled by authorized representatives. Should that be the case, Box B of the ATA Carnet template has to be duly completed with the details of the authorized representative. If the representative’s name was not specified in Box B, a Power of Attorney (letter of authorisation) issued by the holder to the representative must be presented to Customs together with the Carnet.
ATA Carnets issued by Contracting Parties to either the ATA or Istanbul Convention, or to both Conventions, will be accepted.

Languages in which Carnets should be completed

​ATA Carnets may be completed in English. The Customs may require a Vietnamese translation when the ATA Carnets are completed in any other language.

Customs offices

​All Customs offices at points of entry/exit and express consignments offices are authorised to operate ATA Carnets. Goods may be cleared via any authorized Customs offices within regular office hours.

Special observations

Split importation or re-exportation are NOT accepted. However, importing only a part of the goods listed in the General List is allowed provided that:- the item numbers of the goods to be imported are identifiable in the General List, and- the imported items/goods are to be re-exported in one consignment.

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