Release 2.15

Workflow improvements

Status filter

It is again possible to filter on the status of a company in the overview list of companies as Chamber employee. This way, companies with the status New can be found more quickly.

List of companies with filters

New registration process

For the Chambers, a new registration process has been created to ensure that there are no duplicate registrations. When a company submits a new registration to the Chamber, it will have to be processed in the Process tab.

An image of this tab is shown below. On the right-hand side, there is the option to activate the company. Below this is a list of registrations for the same company number. On the left-hand side, it is possible to enter a comment. This can be used, for example, if something went wrong with the registration and Jan Peeters will follow up on it. This tab is only visible to the Chamber staff.

The processing tab

As long as the company is not activated via this way, it is not possible to change the status of the company. So the old way of activating the company no longer works.

New CO font

From this release on, a new font will be used to fill in the CO. The font Droid sans has been chosen. This is a monospaced font that has all the necessary characters to support Latin languages as well as Cyrillic languages and Turkish and Greek. Since it is a monospaced font, it also allows for better calculation of the fill in the boxes of the CO.

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