Release 2.12: Post-performance update

Workflow improvements

Overview templates

The overview of the templates has been adjusted so that the template reference has more space. For this purpose, some less interesting fields were removed from the overview.

Overview templates before release
Overview templates after release

Non-stored changes

A protection was built in so that the entered data of a CO would not be lost when navigating the road while filling in the CO. When navigating to another page while there are unsaved changes, a pop-up will appear warning the user.

Pop-up unsaved changes

Indication creation method

For the Chambers it is now possible to see in the overview of applications how the application was created. The following three options are now recognised:
– UI: No special indication
– FTP: FTP in front of the reference
– API: API in front of the reference

Indication of creation method in the overview

This information is also repeated in the detail and processing window so that it is always visible.

Indication of creation method in the metadata

New releases

Since this release, a message will always be displayed in the application to indicate that a new update has been performed. The application contains a short summary with a link to the extended version.

Visa stamp

Since this release a separate stamp is provided for single visas, visas without a certificate of origin. This new stamp contains an extra label, “visa”, to indicate this difference.

Visa stamp with extra label

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