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In the previous article, the general setup of an API is described. In that article, the reason for the DigiChambers API was mentioned. This article continues on that explaining where to find the DigiChambers API and how to use it.

DC API resources

Official API – A list of everything regarding CO’s

The official location of the DigiChambers API can be found at


This is the location where you will need to connect to in production and send your requests to. For easier discoverability we added some Swagger. The SwaggerUI provides a visualisation and interaction environment for all available requests.

Next to that the SwaggerUI contains the most comprehensive documentation. On the one hand, the goal or function of all request calls are described. On the other hand, it contains a JSON representation of all models. These models are also fully described.

The SwaggerUI has one big disadvantage. It is not possible to indicate which fields are required or optional to create a valid Certificate of Origin nor is it practical to show which steps have to be executed in which order. The alleviate this problem, a PostMan collection was created.

Postman – An ordered execution list for your CO request

The DigiChambers Postman collection was created in order to show the necessary steps to successfully request your CO through the API. The collection shows all necessary requests, their order and the necessary fields for each request.

A simple CO can be requested as follows:

  1. Create the request (POST /requests)
  2. Fill in the request details ( PUT /requests/{id}/co-info)
  3. Upload the sales invoice (POST /requests/{id}/attachments)
  4. Fill in the certification details for the invoice (PUT /requests/{id}/attachments/{extId})
  5. Submit the request to the Chamber of Commerce (PUT /requests/{id}/submit


The last resource that is available for information is this website itself. The documentation website holds all necessary information to successfully get started with the DigiChambers API. Below you find a list to the most interesting articles.

Using the tools

Now that you know which tools are available where, it is important to know how to use these fantastic tools. This can be found in the next article.

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DigiChambers API – Tools – CO and DigiChambers Helpdesk

DigiChambers API – Tools – CO and DigiChambers Helpdesk

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