Korea (KR)

Field of application notified

​ATA Convention 

“Professional equipment” Convention 

“Exhibitions and Fairs” Convention 

“Commercial samples” Convention 

“Packings” Convention 

“Welfare material for seafarers” Convention 

Territorial coverage

​Customs territory

Other applications

​ATA Carnets are accepted for transit operations 

ATA Carnets are accepted for postal traffic. 

ATA Carnets are accepted for unaccompanied goods. 

ATA Carnets are accepted for the following temporary admission operations carried out under national laws and regulations 

  1. Personal belongings of temporary entrant 
  2. Scientific and pedagogic material used by the Korea Fine Instrument Centre, the Korea Institute of Electronics Technology, the Korea Telecommunications Research Institute, the Korea Institute of Science and Technology 
  3. Equipment and tools for the inspection and testing of export and import goods 
  4. Commercial road vehicles for transport abroad of the following export goods: ​
    1. Fresh, frozen and pickled vegetables 
    2. Fresh and cold-stored fruits 
    3. Frozen meat and fowls 
    4. Frozen and cold-stored processed meat and fish products 
    5. Clams, mussels, earthworm, eel, mudfish, freshwater turtle and (live) oyster 
    6. Frozen and cold-stored eel or swell-fish 
    7. Fresh or dried brown seaweed 
    8. Frozen or cold-stored flatfish 
    9. ​Containers for commercial use and spare parts for repair of imported containers. 

Languages in which Carnets should be completed

​English or Korean 

The Customs may require a translation if the Carnet is completed in any other language. 

Customs offices

​All Customs offices 

​Normal duty hours 

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