United Kingdom (UK)

Field of application notified

​ATA Convention 

Convention on “Professional equipment” 

Convention on “Exhibitions and Fairs” 

Convention on “Commercial Samples” 

Convention on “Scientific equipment” 

Istanbul Convention and all its Annexes 

Territorial coverage

​UK Customs territory including Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey

Other applications

​ATA Carnets are not accepted for postal traffic. 

ATA Carnets are accepted for transit.  

Languages in which Carnets should be completed


Customs offices

​ATA carnets are accepted at all ports and airports where Customs facilities for the clearance of goods, passengers and baggage are provided. 
Anyone entering or departing United Kingdom via Dover, Euroshuttle or Holyhead should be aware of the inland sites that have been introduced to take the pressure away from the ports. These sites can process ATA Carnets, CITES, TIR and CTC documentation: 



For traffic over the land boundary between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the normal hours of opening are 09.00 – 17.00 hours. Any ATA Carnets entering or leaving the United Kingdom via Northern Ireland, should be endorsed in Northern Ireland.

Special observations

​Further information on the relevant aspects of the ATA Carnet scheme in the UK can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/notice-104-ata-and-cpd-carnets/notice-104-ata-and-cpd-carnets​

Requirements for hauliers (freight forwarders) as of 01 January 2022:

1. The goods vehicle movement service (GVMS) – any hauliers crossing into or out of the UK, via any port, will need to register for the service to get their goods through customs. ATA Carnet number should be entered in the “Declaration Reference” field for the GVMS declaration. This is only required for vehicles using the freight route (i.e. trucks over 7.5t etc) and must be completed for both empty and full vehicles. Any vehicles going via the passenger route (i.e. cars and small vans) do NOT require GVM.
2. Harwich Port – as of 01 January 2022, hauliers passing via the freight terminal will need to lodge a Customs Clearance Request before arriving at the port. Form C21 will allow hauliers that do not have access to the UK Customs System to lodge a request (note that shipments via Calais and Dunkerque do NOT need to lodge this request).

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