Russia (RU)

Field of application notified

ATA Convention 

Istanbul Convention and its Annexes A, B1, B2, B3, B5 and D. 

Territorial coverage

Customs territory ​

Other applications

​ATA Carnets are not accepted for postal traffic. 

ATA Carnets are not accepted for transit 

ATA Carnets are not accepted for unaccompanied goods.  

Languages in which Carnets should be completed

​Russian. The Customs may require a translation when the Carnets are completed in any other language. ​

Customs offices

​See the list attached.

The Customs offices are entitled to accept ATA Carnets during normal opening hours.​

Special observations

​In accordance with the Russian Federation Customs Laws on the implementation of the ATA Carnet System in Russia: 

  1. ATA Carnets issued for import/export of goods into/from the Russian Federation will be accepted only by the Customs offices enumerated below. 
  2. The representative of the ATA Carnet holder must hold a power of attorney except if his full name, the number and the date of issue of his passport are duly indicated in box B of the front cover of the ATA Carnet. 
  3. Import of consumable goods under ATA Carnets into the Russian Federation will not be permitted.​
  4. The customs procedure of internal transit from border Customs offices to internal Customs offices, involving the use of blue transit sheets, applies only if the Customs office at the place of arrival (located at the border) is not authorized to proceed the customs clearance of the following categories of goods: ​
    1. Jewellery, antiques and cultural valuables. Only the following specialized Customs offices are authorized to carry out the customs clearance of the abovementioned goods under cover of an ATA Carnet: 
      • Specialized Customs point (12, Smolnaya street, Moscow); 
      • Malahit Customs point (27, Gogol street, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, 620057); 
      • North-West Excise Customs point (40 «а», Kulturi avenue, Saint-Petersburg); 
      • Kaliningrad Excise Customs point (16, Druzhbi street, Bagrationovsk, Kaliningrad Region).Once cleared by the specialized Customs offices, the goods can then circulate freely within the entire territory of the Russian Federation. 
    2. ​Goods requiring special authorization or license to be temporarily admitted (e. g. dual-use goods). ATA Carnets must imperatively contain two sets of blue transit sheets. Moreover, for all the goods transported by road, it is highly recommended to add two additional sets of blue transit sheets. 
  5. The description of the goods in the ATA Carnet must permit to clearly identify the code of these goods according to the WCO Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.

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