Release 2.16


Sorting order paper COs

When creating new paper COs, the last one is placed as the first item in the list. Note that the list is ordered by acceptation date.

Standard language verification mail

Sometimes users may not have set a language yet. In that case the default language will be used.

QR-code scanned

The scanned QR code of the document now points to a link to the verification page. When the link is followed, documentID and -number are pre-filled. The language in which the verification page is opened will in this case always be English


FTP / API user report

  • A report can be generated with the FTP/API user.
  • This report can be created by the Federation/D Soft.
  • The report has the information as in the template.

Deleted companies

The Chamber users can no longer see the deleted enterprises in the “Enterprise” filter on the Request pages. This makes it easier to find the company.

Deactivate chat thread

It is no longer possible to send messages by chat in requests that have already been processed (accepted/rejected).

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