FTP changes 01/10/2022

According to the ISO 3166 country code list, Türkiye is the new name for Turkey since 11/07/2022. As of 01/10/2022 “Turkey” will therefore be replaced by “Türkiye” in DigiChambers.

For the FTP users, the XML schema will be adapted as follows:

  • In the country list, <xs:enumeration value=”TURKEY(TR)”/> will be replaced by <xs:enumeration value=”TÜRKIYE(TR)”/>.

Download the modified CORequest XSD against which the CO requests will be validated as from October 1st.

For the API users it is always recommended to check at least once a day or once a week by retrieving the list of countries (GET https://www.digichambers.be/api/countries). Its response will be different for Turkey starting October 1st. The current ID 259 for Turkey ( { “Id”: 259, “Value”: “TURKEYTR”, “Name”: “Turkey(TR)”, “Code”: “TR”, “IsActive”: false } ) will no longer be active and a new ID will be active for Turkey ( { “Id”: 314, “Value”: “TÜRKIYE”, “Name”: “TÜRKIYE(TR)”, “Code”: “TR”, “IsActive”: true }).

Your browser might flag the file as unsafe. This is due to the file extension being .xsd! The file is perfectly safe for use.

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