How can I reuse the data from an accepted CO?

It is possible to start a certificate of origin from a template or an existing request.

  1. Template

Two ways to start a certificate of origin from a template :

  • Dashboard > Requests > Create

By clicking on “existing template”, the list of templates is shown. A template can then be chosen.  

The metadata (reference, number of copies as well as printing options) can be modified by clicking on the pencil.

  • Dashboard > Templates > Overview

A certificate of origin can also be started on the basis of a template from the template overview, by clicking on New CO in the context menu.

  1. Existing demand

A certificate of origin can be started from any certificate of origin application in editable, accepted, submitted or feedback status.  

By clicking on “Existing request”, a list of the last 50 requests with reference and ID is shown. An application can then be chosen to create the certificate of origin. 

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