Qatar (QA)

Field of application notified

​Istanbul Convention 

Annex A on “temporary admission of documents” 

Annex B1 on “goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs, meetings or similar events” with reservation in respect of Article 5.1 (a).  ​

Territorial coverage

​Customs territory​

Other applications

​ATA Carnets are not accepted for postal traffic. 

ATA Carnets are accepted for transit. 

ATA Carnets are accepted for unaccompanied goods transported as cargoes as well as hand-carried goods. 

ATA Carnets issued by Contracting Parties to either the ATA or Istanbul Convention, or to both Conventions, will be accepted

​Importation in split consignments is not accepted. However, importing only a part of the goods as on the general list is allowed under the condition that the said imported items are re-exported in 1 consignment. 

Languages in which Carnets should be completed

​English or Arabic. The Customs may require a translation when the ATA Carnets are completed in any other language  ​

Customs offices

​ATA Carnets are accepted in all Customs offices 

Customs Contact point: Customs Affairs Department 

P.O.Box: 81 Doha – Qatar Fax: +974 – 44457222 Tel: +974 – 44457107

Special observations

(a) Late re-exportation: Failing to re-export goods by the final date of reexportation as specified by Qatar Customs, a fee of QAR 1,000 shall be payable for every week or part of the week past the reexportation date, taking into consideration that the final amount shall not exceed 20% of the value of the goods ; 

(b) No re-exportation: Goods not re-exported for whatever reasons, shall be subject to import duties, taxes and penalties according to Qatar Customs law. The liability of the NGA shall not exceed the amount of import duties ​and taxes payable by more than 10% as specified in Article 8 (2) of Annex A to the Istanbul Convention. 

​​(c) Import duties and prohibited items: see attached excel file​. 

(d) Holders are advised to declare the following information at the time of importation in Box C of the importation voucher : 

  • Name of the Event 
  • ​Venue of the Event 

​​(e) Holders are advised to keep the general list file in a USB and bring it to Qatar in order to speed up the entry process. ​​

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