Andorra (AD)

Field of application notified

​ATA Convention 

Istanbul Convention and its Annexes A, B1 (Fairs and exhibitions), B2 (Professional equipment), B3 (Samples) and B5, B6, B7 and B9 ​

Territorial coverage

​Principal territory of Andorra 

Other applications

​ATA Carnets are accepted for transit. 

ATA Carnets are not accepted for postal traffic 

Languages in which Carnets should be completed

​Spanish, French and English 

Customs offices

​All Customs offices are authorized to accept ATA Carnets ​

Special observations

Use of ATA Carnets by Artists: 

Temporary imports of orchestras and theatre equipment can be done without any customs document or any guarantee deposit. 

​According to the provisions of Annexes B2 and B5 of the Istanbul Convention on temporary imports of such goods, the Andorra Customs office of entry will only require a written undertaking to re-export the goods together with an invoice or a list of the imported goods. 

​As regards Circus, ATA Carnets will not be accepted for animals since Andorra has not signed Annex D of the Istanbul Convention relating to animals. 

Correct identification of goods covered by ATA Carnets 

As from 16 November 2005, Andorran Customs refuse to accept ATA Carnets in which the General List cannot guarantee the correct identification of the goods covered. 

Issuing chambers are therefore requested to make sure that the lists give detailed description of the goods, including trademarks, models, serial numbers or factory references, colours, dimensions, etc. 

Date for the calculation of Customs duties & taxes in case of non-reexportation​ of the goods

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